So it’s come to our attention that A&P is one helluva hard course. Just kidding—we’ve all had to take it, so we totally get it. There’s so much to learn, and the way the information is presented is… less than stellar. Oh, who are we trying to fool? It’s a snoozefest. It’s a giant textbook and diagrams from the 1980s and the most boring videos this side of the classroom.

One day, we were all sitting around the office, swapping A&P horror stories (between the grueling coursework and the professors from hell, it’s a wonder any of us survived), when someone piped up that we ought to make A&P easier. Better. Fun

And that’s just what we’ve done with Anatomy & Physiology by Visible Body.

Anatomy & Physiology is an app for your PC or Mac (coming soon for iPad and Android tablet) that visually and interactively engages you in the core concepts of an undergraduate A&P course. We’re talking fully interactive 3D models of all the body systems that you can pan, rotate, zoom in and out of, and dissect—from the skeleton to the organs to the muscles to the fascia to even the most random blood vessels and nerves. Illustrations and short and sweet 3D animations explain physiology and function in concise terms. Multiple choice and dissection quizzes test you on what you’ve learned at the end of each chapter, and you can keep track of your progress with checklists and a cache of what you’ve done. 

Best yet: it’s set up to match your A&P course, as well as your A&P textbook, section by section so you can easily follow along. According to over 300 students who were lucky enough to test it in the beta stages, it could probably even replace your book.

Want to check it out? Visit us at VisibleBody.com and get it for an introductory price. Or stay tuned to learn more—we’re going to be talking a lot about it here, Facebook, and YouTube.